Slow Grow Month 1

So it’s been a month, I’ve played 4 or 5 games with my Tohaa and it’s been pretty good. Once I remember what everything is it’ll be easier. I still suck at Infinity, but I’m getting better. Still need to remember Infiltrator(s) once they are deployed because they don’t get a marker or anything.  Tactics […]

Getting back into it

I’ve been somewhere between lazy and unmotivated in the last few months and haven’t been playing much Infinity or Warmahordes. The group I play Infinity with is starting a slow grow legaue next week, so I figured I’d turn up a week early to knock some of the rust of my limited Infinity skills. I […]

Still Alive

As it turns out, I’m still alive. Between work, work and work I’ve very little time to do much in the way of hobby stuff 🙁 But I did end up going to 4 Play on Saturday, and spent the morning playing Goblins in the excellent Pathfinder Society Module – We be Goblins. Highly recommended, […]

3D Hub!

Insane Cheese’s 3D Hub For those of you not in the know, I’ve been wrangling a 3D Printer into line over the last few months. And I’m finally getting prints at a quality level that I feel comfortable selling to the public – I still get the odd complete screw up of a print, but […]

Failedish 3dbenchy

.3mm extrusion, 50mm/s print speed, PLA @190°County Looks like ringing or z-wobble. And it’s roughly 2mm smaller on all axis’s than what the measurements are. But other stuff  comes out OK. Well, maybe not I’m not entirely sure if things are printing small or  not cause nothing else I’ve printed seems to have a size. […]

All the dudes!

Tonight I finally finished putting together the rest of my Nomads models. Thankfully there were less triple jointed parts (I’m looking at you two arms and tiny nub for the wrist) Overall I’m happy with how they came out, I’ll have to touch up the glue on a couple before undercoating anyway. Not sure what […]