Pre-Christmas Update!

I’ve been busy with work and the flu, and haven’t had much spare time since the last update. I’ve gotten more guys assembled, primed and basecoated for the Heresy 🙂 Still a more bodies to get ready and I have to prime the magnetised arms/weapons for the terminators/Characters. I’ve been working on a Secret Santa […]

I’m a sucker

I’ve been playing Infinity regularly since I got back into it, did alright during the slow grow and am now practing for the Castle Assault tournament(Beers and Minis, what can go wrong?) in August. But! New edition of Warhams 40k is out and the starter box is pretty nice. 2 Faction: Space Marines and Chaos […]

Charging mah Lazor!

I recently purchased a laser cutter, for umm reasons. It’s proving to be a semi-reliable piece of equipment. Much like my first foray into 3d printing.  I’ve been playing around on paper and some MDF placemats and have been getting some ok engraves, but I’m having little luck with cuts. MDF I can’t seem to […]

Slow Grow Month 1

So it’s been a month, I’ve played 4 or 5 games with my Tohaa and it’s been pretty good. Once I remember what everything is it’ll be easier. I still suck at Infinity, but I’m getting better. Still need to remember Infiltrator(s) once they are deployed because they don’t get a marker or anything.  Tactics […]

Getting back into it

I’ve been somewhere between lazy and unmotivated in the last few months and haven’t been playing much Infinity or Warmahordes. The group I play Infinity with is starting a slow grow legaue next week, so I figured I’d turn up a week early to knock some of the rust of my limited Infinity skills. I […]