So, as usual I’ve completely forgotten about this. In the last 9 months I haven’t really gotten much done. About 1.5k of Mechanicum for Heresy, assembled less than I bought of Infinity and that’s really about it. Well, I did move houses so that’s something.

Anyway, now that all that life stuff is out of the way, hopefully I’ll have time to actually get my hobby on. Which has always been why I even started this blog in the first place.

I’m currently sitting on a bunch of resin Iron Hands that I’m planning on building, so that’s going to be my (Heresy) focus for the time being. To go with a bunch of Primaris Iron Hands I’m going to also be working on. To lessen the load slightly, I’m currently shelving everything but OSS for Infinity – they also need painting, but I only plan on having 15-20 models to get done for them…

In the meantime I’ve finished (for now) my Ultramarines army. I still have 10 Breachers to get done, and some kind of Heavy Weapons team done.

My Iron Hands so far is a mostly Infantry force, backed up by a pair of Contemptors, and some Mechanicum buddies. Still working on exactly what it’ll be to start with, but so far it’s looking like:

Iron Father, 2×10 Medusan Immortals w/ Volkite, 20x Gunpigs, 10x Gorgon Terminators, 2x Contempors w/ Fist+Volkite, 10x Volkite Culverin, and whatever Mechanicum to fill. I need to pick up some Land Raiders for transport and pew pew duties, and maybe a Lascannon squad for extra No.

Anyway, that’s more or less it for now. Hopefully I’ll remember to keep this updated.

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