Last Minute prep

This weekend is Castle Assault in Newcastle, and I made the rash decision to strip my minis a week out – which in turn didn’t work so well because I got bogged down with work and only had Thursday night and Friday morning to paint.

5:30pm – This is what I started with, based on clear acrylic (well mostly…)

~8:30pm – Undercoated and with skin tones/weapons blacked

Errr around 9:45pm? – Armour colour applied

Midnight – And what I’m calling finished enough at Midnight. Waiting for the armour wash to dry, and I still have to throw a green wash over the skin and clean up the bases.

And finished, managed to clean up the bases with a toothpick and gently scraping the primer away. I’ll be sitting the Nikoul on the base for my S3 silhouette marker because I don’t have the appropriate sized base. The Gorgos lucked out and still has its original (and incredibly poorly painted) base.
Typically, I ordered fancy resin bases a week ago and they arrive as I was leaving for Newcastle I’ll see how the acrylic holds up, if it starts to scratch up I’ll do something about cleaning up and painting the resin bases.

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