Wargaming. Like meth for normal people.

Hi all,

Apparently I enjoy the hobby enough I’m silly enough to collect multiple systems. So now between trying to collect and paint my Warmahordes models (and absorb the mk3 rules changes incoming on the 12th of June…) I’m also going to be assembling and painting some Nomads and learning the rules for Infinity. Which seems pretty cool, and I think I have a full sized army already. Anything else is just going to be variety, and are the models sweet.

Nomad Starter, Nomad Support, Tunguska Interventors and a Lunokhod

No idea how all of it will mesh on the table, but I love the Interventor models (which I may have bought on impulse just cause they look cool and have robopandas) and from what I understand in Infinity almost anything is a viable combination. I’m looking forward to painting something scifi again, be a nice change from being taunted by my pDoomshaper 25pt Runes of War list that’s partially done 😓

Mind you, because Infinity uses much more terrain than mk2 Warmahordes, I’m looking forward to throwing down some structures from my printer. Finally get something other than keyring charms, carbiners and Raspberry Pi cases done 😎

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