All the dudes!

Tonight I finally finished putting together the rest of my Nomads models. Thankfully there were less triple jointed parts (I’m looking at you two arms and tiny nub for the wrist)

Tunguska Interventors w/Fast Pandas, Nomad Daktari (Dr), Nomad Clockmaker (Engineer) and 2x Zondbots, Lunokhod w/2x Crazy Koalas

Overall I’m happy with how they came out, I’ll have to touch up the glue on a couple before undercoating anyway.

Not sure what color I’ll go, I’m thinking some kind of dark grey base with green detail and yellow lights. I’ll probably easy out on the bots and go for a dark metallic silver and wash/ink and just pick out sensors, weapons and so forth. We’ll see, maybe I’ll make the Khorne Freedomzerkers – “Freedom for the oppressed, rights for everyone!”

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