Time. It’s a wonderful thing.

After a couple of months of being AWOL I’ve come to the conclusion that working 2 jobs, studying and trying to fit in table top stuff around regular gaming, socialising and so on is difficult. Though in a month study will be done, I can apply for my licence and my pay will go up allowing me to drop the 2nd job, after August I think, gives me some time to sort myself out and not just buy all the things with my fat stacks of cash.

With Mk3 of Warmachine coming out shortly, and my gaming groups desire to move straight over to it and run yet another journeyman. I guess I’ll be doing what I initially set this blog up to do – show off my hilariously bad painting, and browbeat myself into the part of the hobby I find least entertaining (probably cause it’s the bit I suck at most).

As for who I’ll play? Well the Retribution box is just a caster swap, the Troll blood box is a caster swap and they change out an Axer for a Bouncer. Yay? Lights? I’ll probably get something else. Maybe split one of the 2 player boxes with someone. As long as it’s not Cryx or Legion I’ll be cool.

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