Such Laziness.

So, after a couple of weeks of being absent, yet again cause Adulting is to hard…

In review I had a shocking weekend last week. I won 1 out of 4 games I played. And 2 of those where literally on a knife edge.

Converging on the objective

As you can see from the blackened hoard around the near side of the objective, I had a moderately decent presence there, I’m thinking Legion isn’t a real great matchup for this list. In hindsight I should have bunkered Doomshaper down behind the wall and run my warbeasts up the left instead of trying to take the right. Would have finished the game quicker anyway.


A turn later and things aren’t looking quite so good for me. I really need to remember to use Doomshapers Feat on moments like this one, it would have made a world of difference to the amount of hurt I was receiving. In the end I won this engagement via Caster kill, in what would have ended up as a counter charge the next turn and Doomshaper taking a heavy warbeast to the face.

And for the final game of the day…

Trolls vs Elves. I learnt that:
a) Stormfall Archers are ridiculous
b) Stormfall Archers are unfair vs slow ass Trolls when trying to hold an objective.
c) I need to plan out how to not get flanked better.


After the start of my first turn I’m reasonably well placed to hold the left and center objective. Or at least I think I am until 2 turns later this happens:


And I’ve lost most of my trolls, but I’m sitting on enough Objective Points to win. Which I fail to do by 3mm at the end of the next turn. Damn warjack contesting the center! I’ll know better for the next round, and I’m changing up my list a touch, dropping and guy from the Krielstone and adding in the UA to make the Stone better should help a bit with well everything. Whilst I didn’t have any stealth or incorporeal and very little in the way of continuous effects coming my way the extra STR would have made a big difference in the games I played VS Legion.

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