Long Weekend Shenanigans

Yesterday marked the end of a long weekend here in Sydneytown, and whilst I didn’t get much in the way of Warmahordes or Netrunner in – I did get a whole lot of computer gaming in.

You know why? Because I hosted a LAN, which in this case is essentially a few of my mates coming over and us setting up all of our computers in my lounge room, cranking the AC to 11 and playing networked games either locally, or as a team online.

We got a lot of game time in, and whilst we game till we dropped or get absolutely hammered like we would have in the Garage LAN days, many drinks where consumed and much fun was had.

And now that’s all done, I’m going to have to get on with painting that Krielstone Bearer I’ve been babbling about for a week or two. I’m also supposed to be playing Netrunner in the city tonight, but I think I’ll give this week a miss because I suspect today is going to be chaos at work, it usually is after Long Weekend. Somehow people manage to break Lifts more often over them :/

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