Oh the joys of Liquor Sales

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning and knowing your going to have to spend the day refusing sales and dealing with half tanked people who think they are funny 🙁

On the flipside, it’s a rainy day so most of them will be staying home and out of my  – which is great for me. Beause I didn’t sleep all that well and that makes me cranky pants and dealing with drunk people first thing in the morning whilst cranky isn’t so good for me.

I’d like to say I actually did something productive in regards to my hobbies, but the closest I got to my cards, or minis was opening the box of Krielstone Bearers and discovering that the minis are all metal with the Krielstone being resin, which was a surprise. I figured the bearer and stone would be metal and the rest plastic. I normally glue my minis together before I paint them, but I’ll probably paint the Krielstone and its bearer separately so I can get the bearers back and the bottom of the stone  purty like.

I’ll also use my airbrush set for the first time to spray them up 🙂 that should give them a nice base coat to work from. Be interesting to see how it goes, my brushwork is decent, but the P3 paints and a wet pallette seem to be going a long way to making me better.

I also get to talk to my Nana’s sister this afternoon, we’ve never met her because she stayed in Poland when my Nana and Poppa immigrated after WW2. And it’ll also be the first time they have spoken directly in many years, Nana and her sister have been sending each other letters and the occasional photo but Nana can’t understand computers/tablets and I imagine her sister is having similar problems. I’m a little jealous that dad is over there now, because all the photos he’s sending are amazing.

Anyhow, I’m off the Boozehounds await!

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