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Between building minis, trying to get some Netrunner in and I’m hoping to run a game of Eclipse Phase (See Rob Boyle’s blog for the PDFs free) Transhumanist conspiracy horror? Yes please. Hopefully I’ll be able to drum up enough of my mates to play, seeing as we finished up a year long DnD campaign a few months ago they should a be keen for some tabletop RPG action.
I’ve run EP before, and it’s a very interesting game – so many ways things can go sideways its hilarious at times. I’ve found the system to be a little crunchy at times, and I remember we house ruled the way Armor Piercing worked because we felt the system did it in an overly convoluted manner.
Last game the intrepid heroes had to investigate a hidden computer put out in the far reaches of the solar system around the time of the Fall that has long since been forgotten about by its parent company, and has since been infected with the exsurgent virus, in the end they managed to wipe it and restore an uninfected backup and recruit it to firewall. Which then led them to raiding a gatecrash facility.
I’m not sure what the plot will be this time, but this time I might really try and mess with them. Maybe they’ll be gatecrashers, 1/3 the conspiracy, 3x the horror. That was pretty fun last time 🙂 Think Stargate but with mind bending, physics warping “insane” AI and possibly bizarre aliens.
And if that’s not a possibility, I guess I’ll have to run something less hardcore. I think there’s a Hello Kitty RPG, if not well I suppose I can make one :p

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