Pre-Christmas Update!

I’ve been busy with work and the flu, and haven’t had much spare time since the last update. I’ve gotten more guys assembled, primed and basecoated for the Heresy 🙂 Still a more bodies to get ready and I have to prime the magnetised arms/weapons for the terminators/Characters.

I’ve been working on a Secret Santa model for one of the fine folks that I play Infinity with (and odds are he doesn’t read this, but I’ll hold off posting anymore till they have it)

I’ve started playing Tohaa again, and I want to strip and repaint and rebase them – they are currently on clear bases which are cool, but they look to much like boardgame pieces without proper basing. I picked up some nice hex ABS sheet, I think I’ll just punch 25mm discs of that and glue that to the acrylic disks. Might even get excited and magnetise the bases.

I’ve ordered the A Song of Ice and Fire Starter set as a gift to myself for Christmas, its actually quite easy to play and the models are pretty decent.

I also fired up the 3D Printer and popped out some objective markers for my Heresy army. I might do something similar for my Infinity armies as well, they print quick and paint up easy.

Anyway, that’s it for now! I’ll update again *sooner* than last time.

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