Back! Now with more Heresy

Yet again, it’s been a while. Haven’t gotten much painting done recently, but I have played a bunch of Infinity, a bit of 40k, a bunch of Kill Team and Age of Sigmar, and have started a Horus Heresy Ultramarines army. I’m thinking of having it based at the Convocation at Calth prior to them being attacked by the traitors.

Here we have my HQ guy, Gaius Octavian. His weapons are magnetised, he’s currently armed with Paragon Blade and Archeotech Pistol.

And these guys are a 5 man Combi-Plasma Seeker Squad. Steve from accounting insisted that Combi-Plasma wasn’t in the budget and left his arms at home.

I’ll update again next week, hopefully I’ll have time to get the rest of the guys I want done assembled.

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