Kill Team 40k and other shenanigans

With the release of Kill Team for 8th Edition 40k, I’ve managed to get myself out of my hobby slump. At least start to anyway.

I haven’t really gotten much done since I last posted, I haven’t touched those Infinity minis except to play. I’ve been playing PanO for my clubs slowgrow, and I haven’t even primed those guys 😳 I have in the mean time assembled a bunch of Space Marines to be painted as Dark Angels, the Soul Wars Stormcast Eternals (which I’m playing a Path to Glory campaign with) and assembled and mostly painted a Kill Team.


I’ve got another 5 primaris marines and 5 Deathwing Terminators primed and basecoated since I took this. I’ve got a Venerable Dreadnought that I have to finish magnetising and a Land Raider Crusader to finish as well. Not pictured – Contemptor Dreadnought in 30k Dark Angels colours.

I’ve also decided to start Adeptus Mechanicus because the Skitariii models in Kill Team look damn awesome.

Age of Sigmar:

Stormcast Eternals. My Path to Glory starting force. Not pictured 2000 points of Tzeentch Daemons (in Daemonic plastic grey)

Kill Team:

30k Dark Angels, or 40k Fallen. Went with the MkIV because it looks neat, I’m going to add a couple of MkIII bodies to the mix as well. I’m putting together the Skitarii from the core box because they look sweet as well.


No pictures, because well nothing new really. I played a couple of games in the Kurage Crisis, and never bothered to report them because the social media aspect of some players ruined it for me. I’ve been playing a lot of PanO because I said I would only play them during the slow grow and I’m just not feeling it. Not sure what I’m missing, I think I’m to used to having options, whereas with PanO the options seem to be *blam* or *blam*

Tunguska released, and its… more but less than what I expected. I’ll grab the starter, but I’ll probably just stick to Vanilla. I’m having fun there 🙂

Operation Coldfront is coming soon, and it looks awesome. If only they never made the Ratnik (it’s a hideous model, then again I don’t like the other HI/Tag thing either.) I would seriously be considering playing TAK. But the ALEPH look awesome, and I’ll be playing them instead.

Games Workshop have Adeptus Titanicus coming out, and I can feel my wallet quaking in fear already. Hot Titan on Titan action, it looks amazing. It’s in a different scale to ye olde Epic and 40k, so the minis won’t work cross system. Which sucks, but I guess I’ll see what happens.

I’ve got a Kill Team night tomorrow at my local gaming store (which I literally discovered does more than MtG last week), Infinity the day after and then I’m off to Coffs to see a mate and play some 40k(500-1k)/Kill Team (and you know, meet his baby daughter) Hoping to finish my Kill Team tonight, get my other Primaris basecoated and a 5man of Hellblasters assembled before Friday when we leave.

A busy week all in all, and hopefully I’ll actually get stuff done. I’ll have to start posting weekly like the intention always was – as a hobby log/progress report.

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