Back. Again…

So I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog front for a while, mostly because I keep forgetting (or procrastinating) to write posts and update.

Unfortunately I haven’t really gotten much hobby done recently, though I finally got around to fixing up my 2nd 3D Printer and rebuilding my laser cutter (which I need to resquare the gantry)

I’ve been playing Nomads pretty exclusively for a couple of months now and have shifted back from Corriegdor to Vanilla (links are great, but I miss the utility of Vanilla). I went up to Brisbane to play in Briscon on the weekend, I placed 18th 🙁 If I’d managed to get my head into the game off the bat, I would have done better. Getting 10-0 for your first 2 games is embarrassing.

I went with this scheme for them, still have to paint the weapons and skin etc.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Tunguska sectorial, should be a nice change from Vanilla. StarCo looks interesting, if I get the time I’ll probably build a list for Firefight tomorrow night.

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