Things. Mostly painting, sone playing.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Castle Assault, and my terrifying, yet anticipated defeat (19/22 players) happened.

Posing. I tried to stop them.

I’ve since dug out some minis I acquired in a trade and have been slowly painting a Military Orders force. Been running a De Fersen Pain Train, but with the changes to this year’s ITS I’m going to give the Jeanne dArc Pain Train a shot. Running a link of 5 Heavy Infantry with a specialist or two is going to be great. Hell, De Fersen with his Assault Hacking Device is bad enough news for enemy Hackers.

Order Sergeants, I’ve decided to go for a dark emerald green for my generic Infantry for this army. I’m painting the Knights with the same colour tabards and weapons, but Armour will be painted different colours to denote their Order.

I’ve also made a start on finishing my Trollbloods, and I think they are coming along ok.

And my Trollblood starter box, I may have watered down/added to much black to the Silver I had onhand and ended up with a kind of muted not shiny metallic. Looks kinda nifty in person.

And with Android Netrunner Core 2.0 having been released today, I think I’ll have to find sometime to devote to that. Looks like while a stack of cards are rotating out, at least they are keeping a bunch of them and Core 2.0 is just a recycled list of Core+Cycle1+Cycle2

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