I’m a sucker

I’ve been playing Infinity regularly since I got back into it, did alright during the slow grow and am now practing for the Castle Assault tournament(Beers and Minis, what can go wrong?) in August.

But! New edition of Warhams 40k is out and the starter box is pretty nice. 2 Faction: Space Marines and Chaos Marines, each at ~1,000 points and full sized rules and so on. I picked it up, and well I’ll be damned. 8th edition 40k isn’t a) terrible, b) complicated.

I started to paint and assemble the Primaris Marines in the box and they are nice. Single pose models, but they are quite dynamic.

And so meet the Deathclaws, a chapter I’m using thanks to a painting challenge (Randomly generated name, a random must use colour, and a random banned colour)

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