Slow Grow Month 1

So it’s been a month, I’ve played 4 or 5 games with my Tohaa and it’s been pretty good. Once I remember what everything is it’ll be easier. I still suck at Infinity, but I’m getting better. Still need to remember Infiltrator(s) once they are deployed because they don’t get a marker or anything. 

Tactics wise, it’s better to lose a cheap model to ARO on your active turn if it has a decent chance of removing a model that’s worth similar or more. And they aren’t worth spending more than a order or two on. Cover your snipers but if they aren’t a minelayer, losing one to a flashpulse/targetted/smart missile isn’t cool – hilarious though.

Setup against Ariandna. I didnt cover my sniper, and forgot my Clipsos was Infiltrated between the dice marking my deploy zone.

I entered the painting comp, though after seeing other people’s work I don’t have a chance of winning a ‘best painted’ but I can certainly get a ‘he tried at least’

And lastly, we played some Frostgrave one week between Slow Grow nights. And it’s fun, like an easier Mordheim/Necromunda. The rules are simple, post game takes a few minutes. I highly recommend looking into it.

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