Charging mah Lazor!

I recently purchased a laser cutter, for umm reasons. It’s proving to be a semi-reliable piece of equipment. Much like my first foray into 3d printing. 

CO2 Tube firing. Damn thing is kind of hypnotic

I’ve been playing around on paper and some MDF placemats and have been getting some ok engraves, but I’m having little luck with cuts. MDF I can’t seem to get the power/speed balance right and it just ends up a charred mess, and acrylic… Well it works about half the time, I suspect I’ll need multiple passes at lower power than I’m using to avoid the edges looking melty.

The first thing I tried to engrave. You can see the power being tweaked so it doesn’t just burn through.
The same image, at half the resolution of my first attempt. I’ve worked out that I cut/engrave at approximately 0.1mm since.

So far it’s fun to play with, and I feel I’ll find actual uses for it much more readily than a 3d printer.  Mostly because I can draw 2d shapes easily, modelling is still a huge challenge that I have yet to really tackle.

So far I have a few ideas kicking around of things I’d like to make, time to see how much Photoshop I remember.

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