Still Alive

As it turns out, I’m still alive. Between work, work and work I’ve very little time to do much in the way of hobby stuff 🙁

But I did end up going to 4 Play on Saturday, and spent the morning playing Goblins in the excellent Pathfinder Society Module – We be Goblins. Highly recommended, very fun and apparently ties into a few other modules. After that I ran my Nagaji Paladin (Glorrak) through the demon infested world wound to save an NPC from their fragmented soul. And finally Glorrak snuck past black dragons, defeated goblin special forces and fought a deranged ex-pathfinder turned villian the Year of The Shadowlodge multitable event. Much kudos to the GM’s of the day, good games Hurstville for hosting 4 days of roleplaying shenanigans and everyone who turned up for being seriously awesome.

S.I.T.H (Sydney Infinity on FB) is running a slow grow league for Infinity, and because I’m a sucker, I’ve decided that I’ll be playing Tohaa for it. I’ve ordered the 300pt Army box cause it’s a freaking amazing deal and the army in the box is pretty decent. I’ve got a week to get 125pts assembled, and I still need to apply more colors to my nomads. Which are coming out for a spin tomorrow after work, probably for a Recon Mission or two. I’d hate for the guys practicing for Data Cube, but you never know – I might have improved after not playing for 4 months.

This is the Army I’m looking at fielding for the first Tier of the Slow Grow.

My 3D Hub is up and down, but if you want something printed (but not modelled) hit me up. Prices are reasonable, quality is good and I endeavour to have things printed and posted within 24hrs. Though if you have a lot of pieces/or large pieces they will take longer. I’ve also started printing my own terrain for wargaming and RPGs, currently I just use pieces found on the ‘net, but I’ll learn CAD eventually.

Finally! It came out nicely.

Apparently the guild I play for sporadically in GW2 just got its own Guild Hall. I should probably play more, it’s a fun game and Buy to Play, and the only stuff you can buy from the Gem Store is cosmetic or XP boosts there’s no Pay to Win.

Well, I’m off. Got minis to paint, minis to assemble and terrain to print.

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