Getting back into it

I’ve been somewhere between lazy and unmotivated in the last few months and haven’t been playing much Infinity or Warmahordes. The group I play Infinity with is starting a slow grow legaue next week, so I figured I’d turn up a week early to knock some of the rust of my limited Infinity skills.

I only got 1 game in, 200pt Frontline. Vanilla Nomads vs ALEPH Steel Phalanx, and while I didn’t get creamed first turn I didn’t make it through the second. I made a couple of poor deployment decisions, followed by completely forgetting about an infiltrated T/O cammo which didn’t have a marker down (one of the things that annoys me about this game – I’ve forgotten a unit like that before) and if I’d remembered I’d have had good chance at both killing one of his workhorses and keeping my Interventor LT alive. MVP went to the Alguacile who potshotted the Opponents sniper and dodged 2 AROs to boot. I really need to work on my deployments.

Bad things are going to happen soon. And all to my guys 🙁

Other than that though, I was pleased with how things went. I knew I was going to get my arse handed to me regardless, but at least it wasn’t humiliating. Well apart from the other ALEPH player giving me shit about loosing to SP.

As for the Slow Grow, I would play Nomads – but I figure I should probably try another faction to see if anything else grabs my attention. I figured most of the group play the various Human factions, so I went and picked up the new 300pt Tohaa box. They should have a very different playstyle to Nomads. No trying to hack your opponents Gibson, and less MI. In return, as many 3 man links as I want, Viral weapons everywhere, Pokemon and most importantly – artichoke heads!

I’d post photos, but I’ve opened the box and made sure everything was there and that’s all so far. I’ll probably get on with assembly tomorrow, I’ve only got till Thursday to get 125pt done. I’ll be priming and painting around the SG painting months.

This is looking to be fun 🙂

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