Moar Games!

I ended up back at Town Hall for more Infinity last night. Only managed to play 1 game (Mission: Tic Tac Toe, Classified: Hack a dude at WIP-3), but that did take almost 2.5hrs. 250 points, and all my own list. Ended up losing by one objective and a classified objective. So a loss, but not a major trouncing.

And importantly I learned a few things (Take photos would be a good start!). Like that I need to remember to keep my LT out of harms way (2nd Active turn in Loss of LT is balls), Spektrs have Infiltrate, and that I probably should have pushed up harder in my first turn (I got 1st Active)

Overall I’m happy with how the game went, and it would have gone differently if I had been playing on a less open board. I got screwed slightly by there being a fire lane straight across the board, pinning half my guys down. MVP goes to my Spektr, who despite being in the sights of my opponent’s sniper most of the game managed to dodge about 10 orders worth of DA ammo coming down range and who I thankfully took as a Hacker and managed to flip 3 out 4 of the objectives I took.

I got my minis undercoated, and after the black had dried I realised that maybe black is a bad color to undercoat for a purple base. I had half a rattle can of White left, so I figured I’ll give Zenithal Highlighting a go.



As you can see, it seems to have come out alright. Have to go back and redo the guns and not plate parts of the armor and then hair and faces, but air brushing the base on makes it a hell of a lot quicker, and the layers came out smoother and the highlighting came out better than I had hoped.

I need to make a few more purchases, namely some more options. The Corregidor starter looks like it’ll work as a nice boost to my mini count and has a bunch of stuff I’ll use. It’s hard to be creative when you’re pushing the points cost for what you have to the limits – I can get about 280ish points out of what I have, and most of the players prefer 300pts. But that’s going to have to wait a week or three cause my wardollies warchest is looking mighty empty at the moment. Which I suppose should incentivise painting instead of just assembling more guys.

And with that, I’m out for now. But I’ll be back.

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