Infinity. First games.

Played a demo with one of the Sydney Warcors last night. And even though it was just a death match it was still a heap of fun. Definitely a lot different from Warmahordes, its much more about positioning and lines of fire than Warmahordes combo based mechanics. After spending so much time from basically every other game system (except Eclipse Phase seemingly) being a roll over, the Infinity roll under the target is a bit wonky. And the fact you can spend all of your dudes actions one guy if you want. And actions (orders) being a two part thing.

My unpainted Nomads getting massacred by the Warcors Yu Jing forces

I lost this one by an armour save. But, it’s Infinity and you just have to accept you’ll be accidently stomped as a newb for a while.

My Nomads taking and failing to hold both of the objectives to dastardly Combined Army

This game against one of the other guys there for game night. We technically drew, both holding 1 objective each. Though I lost on points cost, having only 2 out of 6 guys left on the board and my worthy opponent taking a measly 0 casualties. If I had taken a different weapon option on my Mobile Brigada it would have gone vastly different.

All in all, it was a good night and I’m looking forward to getting to know the guys better. For a group of such disparate composition they are all quite relaxed. Even with the MtG tourney happening.

And with that, I’m off to celebrate my imminent date of official aging.


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