Gunpla? Aka: Making mini giant robots.

I ended up at the Mandarin Center in Chatswood on Sunday thanks to work, and while I was grabbing a coffee I saw a store that only sold Gundam models (I am aware of Gundam in a sense I know of the Anime and have seen photos of the models before)

I did my usual, shrug what the hell. Had a look around and when I saw some of the prices (upwards of $300 for some!) I almost walked out straight away. But I was there, so may as well poke around and see what they have. And the next night I’ve assembled and lined my first and probably not last Gundam model.

A HG GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam, unlined

Excuse the mountain of paperwork and boxes. I’m disorganised at best sometimes.

It’s similar, but different to wargaming minis in a lot of ways. You’re assembling something, probably painting it (or some finishing method) and you feel a sense of accomplishment when your done.

With wargaming minis you are generally just trying to get them assembled and painted up enough that they look decent from table top distances (~1m away from the mini) But assembling the Gundam mini, it’s all about getting it right. Cutting the runners, trimming the nubs down and making it look as good as you can as you go. Being coloured plastic kits that snap fit, you don’t need to paint them so the final finish of the plastic matters.

GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam, lined.

As you can clearly see, mess is clearly and epidemic on my desk. I really should set up a hobby area somewhere…

As you can see, I’ve finished this off by lining all of the ridges and depressions on the armor. An effect which makes the detail stand out a lot more. I’m debating tearing it down, giving it a scrub and airbrushing it and seeing if I can get a nice layer of paint on it (And I can just use a wash for the detail lines… all of 10sec work then 😃) But I might keep it as it, a sort of reminder of my first foray into Gunpla. I still have my first War40k conversion, and a few other firsts in wargaming as well.

Anyway, enough excited rambling. I’ll probably have a post up in a couple of days about my Infinity army and with progress I’ve made on them.

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