And I’m back

Ok I lied, I’ve been back from PAX for a couple of days, but I’ve been essentially avoiding being an Adult, “because I don’t wanna”

PAX and Melbourne was awesome, just enough rain and a ton of gaming – right up to being kicked out on the last turn of a game of Netrunner *shakes fist*

I picked up a bunch of boardgames, looked at a while lot of video games and associated hardware I want, painted a free mini which didn’t totally come out terrible. Saw a heap of awesome cosplays, which makes me want to do something next year, which will be fun but time consuming.

I got a copy of Cogz (Its great fun once you work out scoring is all about having the highest lowest score) and it’s got really simple gameplay, a copy of Tavern Fame (Which is all about picking a character, bragging about your exploits and buying drinks to cover up your possible falsehoods…) I also got Level 7 (SciFi Horror semi co-op) it’s good just takes time to learn the rules, and lastly the one I had a ball unboxing tonight – Return to Castle Ravenloft – it plays like a desktop version of something akin to the Diablo games.

The Dungeon as the Heroes locate the Icon of Ravenloft
A close up of my Wizard bleeding out after we got teleported the tile we are on.

Ravenloft is great, though the encounter deck is mighty unforgiving at times – it did accidentally save us from being mobbed due to poor rolling on my behalf (why Magic Missle needs a roll, and why it moves things closer I’ll never now) I’m reasonably certain that the Dungeons and Dragons  Board Game System could find a regular place at the Dinner Table, cause its fast and it suits a large portion of my gaming groups style – we tend towards Hack’n Slash, Monty Haul/Python games (well that’s how they end up anyway :p) I also want to paint the minis, but a Trollbloods army and a copy of Battle for Alabaster Station say otherwise.

And I’m all sad cause holiday time is over and I have to get back to work on Monday 🙁 Which also reminds me of just how many minis I need to assemble and start painting by next Saturday.

I’ll do a more in-depth write up about the games I’ve been  playing/acquired sometime in the next week or two – with photos and everything!

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