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I love it when I get home and I have new things to play with. And today, it was my first Mechanical Keyboard. To be specific, a Varmilo VA87MR.

A Varmilo VA87MR w/ Red LEDs, Grey Keycaps and Gateron Blue Keyswitches

It looks tiny, which I suppose it should seeing as it’s a TKL Layout (No numpad), it’s hella clicky and is real nice to type on. I haven’t had much of a chance to play anything using it yet, but so far its been smooth and responsive, and the tactile feedback is amazing compared to my old Razer Lycosa  Keyboard. Second greatest purchase of the year! I’d totally recommend you check one out if you get the chance, having a heap of different key switch combos and a detachable cable is nice as well.


Varmilo VA87MR
Another view of the Varmilo VA87MR


After a few days using this keyboard, I’m convinced it was an awesome idea to purchase it. Such a solid build, and the tactile feedback/feel is amazing. Keypresses are smooth, activation point can easily be felt even the keys themselves have a wonderful smooth satiny feel to them. After only 2 days using , I can actually feel how much faster I can type. The only issue I have with it so far, is learning the new keyspacing and getting used to not having a numpad. On the flipside, losing the numpad whilst a little odd feeling at the moment has gained me desk . Which is awesome, I’m not crowded up at all.

In fact, I like this keyboard so I’ve already ordered 2 alternate keycap sets so I can customise the look even more and have a truly unique piece of kit.

You can get them from Mass Drop every few weeks they come up again, usually with different color combos for the keys or key switches.

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