So I  moved this blog from Blogger to a self hosted  WordPress the other day, and it’s  going great. So many more options, which of course means I have to pull my finger out and actually  get some more content up and make up a few banners and so on. I’ll  get to it, I swear!

I’d give it a go now, but I can’t  draw on this tablet, fat fingers and no stylus and all. But when you’re  getting paid to chill out for a couple of hours I suppose I should stay productive.

In other news, I found my copy of the Gears of War Board Game. Which while now apparently  out of print 🙁 is still an amazing game, especially  when the AI deck does a bunch of random  hilarity. It’s  one of a couple of skirmish  level tabletop games I own.

I also just found out that there are now solo play rules for Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster. Which means I might actually have a chance to play it, which is strangely odd because I happen to have a mate who also purchased it from Kickstarter and we have never played :/  Which for something  so pricey and that looks pretty decent is just strange. Guess I’ll see how it goes :p It’s kind of disappointing  that a game that had so much hype before its release seems to have totally died, and the concept was pretty cool.

Depending on what my free time over the weekend looks like, I’ll do something about the blandness of this blog. Guess we’ll I’ll have to learn to draw all purdy like.

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