Free time, where did I leave it?

It’s always amazing how I look at a week and see that I have 5-6 hours a night free and all day Saturday. So much time to myself, but unfortunately between work running late, my 2nd job eating a night and quite often another night or even my Saturday it vanishes really quickly. So either I work to much (which my girlfriend insists is the case) or I have terrible time management skills (which is also likely) guess I’ll find out when I finish my trade and get qualified in about 6 months.

I suppose it’s just a really busy month for me between getting my house sorted for having people over, trying to finish the plastering in one of the rooms and doing a job for dad while he’s away on holidays, all whilst trying to get my own stuff sorted for going to PAX this year it hasn’t left much time for hobbying.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to find some time to paint this week, and there’s a Netrunner tournament at Town Hall GG, on Tuesday that I’m planning on going to (which should be a couple of easy wins for other people :p ) which reminds me I have to order some more Trolls for the Journeyman, we go from 15pt to 25pt this month… I’m currently thinking I’ll just get Janissia Stonetide and a couple of units of Runeshapers. That’s pretty well 10pts right there, esp when I bump the Krielstone from 4 to 5 guys.

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