So…. Here goes nothing!

Hi all, I’m Insane Cheese.

I’m starting this as a sort of notepad I suppose, it’ll contain random thoughts, ideas and other odds and ends. Eventually it’ll morph into something cool 🙂

To kick off, I’ve recently started playing Android: Netrunner, a nifty as card game from Fantasy Flight Games. I strongly suggest you check it out, it’s an asymmetric card game which means in this case both players use totally different sets of card pools to play. It’s also Sci-Fi Hackery, one person plays the role of a Mega Corp network admin trying to keep the other player – the Runner from hacking into your servers and stealing all of your Agendas. It’s fun, it’s much cheaper than Magic, and because it’s a Living Card Game, you don’t have to buy a fuckton of randomised boosters. In fact, Data Packs are all the same and are fairly cheap ($15-$25AU from what I’ve seen priced)

I’ve also joined a Slow Grow Journeyman League for Warmahordes (Warmachine and Hordes are both compatible with each other) For those not in the know, a Journeyman League is where you start with the basics of an army – often the Battle Boxes made by Privateer Press, and over the next several weeks you assemble, paint and play games all whilst adding more until you have the works of a medium sized army – all whilst in my case learning the intricacies of the game. The Slow Grow part is instead of once a week, we meet once a month.

I’ve started this collection with the impressive Hoarluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls,  Dire Troll Mauler, Pyre Troll and Storm Troll. What is supposed to be the better of the Trollblood Journeyman options. Once I get them painted up all purdy like I’ll post a few happy snaps of them, hell knowing me Hoarluk is probably going to end up being snapped in some odd places thanks to work.

I also play a variety of Video and Role Playing Games, no doubt which I’ll be posting about.

Anyway it’s getting latish and I need to get my beauty sleep!

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