New page!

I’ve  just added another page to the blog, Trollbloods. It’ll  contain my thoughts, ideas, opinions, army lists and so on in regards to Trollbloods. No doubt, I’ll  have to add  more pages in regards  to the hobby, mostly what I’ve  found to work with my limited painting skills and tactics and the like.

Over the next few days I  plan on doing something similar for Netrunner, and will be adding pages for Corp and Runner. At this stage I’m enjoying a cross between HB Fast Advance and an Ice Fortress deck for corp, and I’m liking the Shaper style for Runner. I need more cards (Damn you Creation and Control, and  Future Proof for being unavailable currently) to build something that’s actually get some real jank happening.

I’ve  also changed the blog name because I realised it’s the same as one on tumblr. So henceforth, this shall be known as Gaming. From the Dinner Table.

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