I finally got around the assembling my Krielstone Bearer and his Stone Scribe buddies last night.

They cleaned up quite in nicely, minimal flashing that needed to be cleaned up, all the pins for the various parts lined up great, except for the Bearer and the Krielstone. One of the hands I had to trim the space around the pin to make it sit flush.

At this point they just need to be washed, primed and they are ready for paint, I’ve left the Krielstone separate from the bearer so I can paint the whole stone, and so I can get a good looking coat onto the bearers back and head.

I’ll wash them up tonight, and under coat them tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have enough time to splash some color onto them before the Journeyman on Saturday.

I thought about magnetising the stone to the bearer, but thinking about it – it shouldn’t be an issue the model won’t be that unwieldy that it won’t fit nicely into my transport case easily.

I know I’m not going to get anything done on them tonight, because I’m going to be playing Netrunner at Town Hall tonight. With a bit of luck I’ll actually win a game or two :p

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